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Finding the right lawyer for your specific legal need is always tricky. Hopefully, it is not every day you are served with a lawsuit, begin the emotional process of probating a loved one’s estate, or undergo the anxiety of family law matters. At the Towson Law Office, these are situations we traverse every day – and we here to help you do the same.

Attorney Ryan E. Towson serves clients the way they deserve, with compassion, character and confidence. When you contact The Towson Law Office PLLC, you will speak directly with an attorney who will show you how much he cares about your issue. The firm offers skilled representation in areas such as those below.

Family Law

No two children are the same. No two marriages are the same. Every family is different. There may be similar situations, but they are not the same. Finding a solution to your family’s needs is our focus. With compassion, we are here to help find the best solution for your family’s situation.

Probate And Estate Planning

Ryan Towson offers clients his understanding of Texas estate planning and probate law as well as thorough, thoughtful service. Whether it is drafting a trust for your grandchildren or revising your will, we will develop a plan that ensures your wishes are carried out even if you aren’t here. And if you find yourself trying to understand how to “probate” a loved one’s estate after they’re gone, with compassion, together, we will go through the process transferring your loved one’s property as they saw fit

Business And Commercial Law

A business can be just as personal as any issue with your family. From contract negotiations to disputes, Ryan can create solutions to the issues ahead. Getting robust and confident representation can help move your business forward.

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