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A Knowledgeable Estate Planning And Probate Attorney Is An Invaluable Resource

Many people do not realize how much they can benefit from having an estate plan. Even if you are younger or you do not have any dependents, having a thorough and thoughtful estate plan can provide you the peace of mind knowing that your affairs will be properly taken care of should the worst happen to you.

Texas attorney and veteran Ryan knows this better than most, having grown up learning from his grandfather who was also a practicing estate planning attorney. He understands the need for sensitivity, respect and compassion when you are making your estate plan, or if you are looking for help with probating your loved one’s estate. No matter what you need assistance with, at Towson Law Office, Ryan is here to help you and your family.

Ryan Can Help You Solve A Broad Array Of Estate Or Probate Issues

Every family is unique, and your situation will require a different solution than anyone else’s because a cookie-cutter, one-sized-fits-all solution is insufficient to take care of all of your specific goals and concerns. The most important questions that an attorney can help you determine are first, how you want your assets to be distributed, and second, whom you trust to ensure that it is done properly. These are the types of questions that only an attorney can help you with. A template will or estate planning package cannot provide you with these solutions, only an attorney can help you figure out the answers that are right for you.

Ryan can help you answer these questions as he helps you with your estate needs, such as:

  • Drafting your will
  • Establishing a trust
  • Preparing a power of attorney and advanced directive
  • Probating your loved one’s estate

No matter what you need, a trust to take care of your grandchildren, a will that provides for your minor child or a power of attorney to help you care for your parent, Ryan can help you with your situation. Especially if you are struggling with figuring out the probate process for your loved one, then you can rely on Ryan to come alongside you and help guide you through this system.

You Can Come To Ryan For Help

Estate planning is about protecting your family by making plans today for their future after you are gone, and while nobody wants to consider this possibility, by doing so now you are caring for them. Leaving them with a sound plan to follow will provide you with peace of mind, and Ryan is always here to help you along the way.

If you have any questions about your estate, or if you want to get his advice on how to handle probate court, you can always reach out to him by calling his Weatherford office at 817-541-1538. You can even send him an email if that is easier for you.