Putting Trust And Compassion
At The Heart Of Your Legal Solution

At Towson Law Office, attorney Ryan Towson understands most Texans don’t care how much their lawyer knows until they know how much their lawyer cares. That’s why he is committed to putting honesty and empathy at the foundation of his relationship with his clients. He ensures they feel supported and informed as he guides them toward straightforward legal solutions.

Attorney Ryan E. Towson

Representing clients in Parker County, Tarrant County and surrounding areas with quality legal representation they can trust.

Family Law


Probate & Estate Planning

Where Capability Meets Care

Navigating any legal issue can be an intimidating process. Most Clients may hire a lawyer, attempt to build a case or go to trial only once in their lives. As the founder of Towson Law Office, Ryan brings two crucial strengths to his practice. First, he has the knowledge, diligence and detail-oriented mindset necessary to build a robust understanding of your situation. He knows the law and can help you understand your options for moving forward.

Second, he believes that you benefit most when you receive counsel from a lawyer you trust. He is dedicated to earning that trust. He works with you directly, answers your questions honestly and compassionately, and deeply invests himself in your success.

Choose Your Path Forward With Confidence

Whether you are navigating a divorce, seeking a modification to your child custody arrangement or creating an estate plan, your goal is simple: You want safety, security and prosperity for your loved ones. However, the appropriate path towards these goals may be unclear.

At Towson Law Office, Ryan helps you build a comprehensive, solutions-focused roadmap for your legal issue. He works personally with his clients to educate them about their legal options, ensuring they understand the route ahead. Committed to efficient, cost-effective service, he provides clients with the firm advocacy they need to sustainably resolve their problems.

Assisting Clients Through Business And Commercial Law Conflicts

For Texas entrepreneurs, commercial law issues can feel just as personal as family law conflicts. In addition to his family law and estate planning practices, Ryan serves as an insightful and dedicated Fort Worth business lawyer. From contract negotiations to disputes over assets, acquisitions or ownership, he pairs analysis with empathy to protect and advance a business’s best interests.

Whether you are exploring a new business opportunity or fighting to preserve your legacy and livelihood, you need to know the counsel you are receiving is informed, reliable and focused. Ryan is committed to building the trusted, durable relationships his clients need to navigate challenging decisions.

Taking Care Of You And Your Legal Matters